What Makes Us The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service In Auburn

We have a lot of experience in this business, we have actually been doing hard surface floor cleaning and carpet cleaning in Auburn since 1991, so trust me when I tell you we know what we’re doing. Our cleaning company has perfected the process of cleaning and bringing life back into your hardwood floors. We pride ourselves in knowing we can provide you with the best results in cleaning hardwood floors in Auburn. 

We use a state of the art cleaning machine specialized for cleaning hard surface floors. It’s provided us the best results in cleaning the dirtiest surfaces, and it’s been giving us an edge over other competition in Auburn. The machine we use is a commercial grade floor cleaner built for both commercial and residential floors. It’s built to work quickly and effectively and has a compact design to allow it clean hard to reach spaces. 

We are IIRC Certified

IIRC certified stands for Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification  It is a certification program that sets the standards for cleaning, and restoration industries. The idea is to protect not only the interests of consumers but also professionals in these industries. So we know what it takes to provide you with the safest and most effective service for you.

What’s Giving Us An Edge Over The Competition In Auburn

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What You Can Expect From Us And Our Services

State Of The Art Floor Cleaning Equipment

Our gentle, high-speed scrubber and special cleaning solution reaches tough dirt and contaminants deep within the crack of your wood floors. Its powerful vacuum also leaves no residue water when cleaning.

Attention To Detail

Our experienced technicians will make sure all spaces have been cleaned, leaving no surface untouched, and if needed will perform a detailed hand cleaning for hard-to-reach spaces on your hardwood floors that our equipment can’t reach. 

We, Will, Remove Dirt Allergens And More

Our cleaning process will properly remove all dirt, debris, and allergens that have settled into the cracks of your hardwood floors.

We, Will, Restore Your Floors

Our service will not only clean and remove all the dirt and grime in your floors but will also restore your floors and bring life back into them, which will make them last longer in the end,

Our Cleaning Services In Auburn

Tile & Grout


Vinyl & Laminate

Tile and Grout Cleaning Sumner, Federal Way

Crystal Carpet Care uses the most state of the art equipment and products to safely and effectively clean and restore your tile and grout. The cleaning process pressure washes, rinses and extracts the soil and waxy residues in the grout lines and tile.


As one of the leading floor cleaning companies in the Auburn area, Crystal Carpet Care’s carpet services results in a clean finish that enhances and restores your carpet floors.


Here at Crystal Carpet Care we also offer Vinyl and Laminate floor cleaning in Auburn. We use state of the art equipment specialized to clean vinyl and laminate flooring, which gives us an edge on efficiency and quality over others.


Our Location:

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