Vinyl & Laminate Floor Cleaning Service In Tacoma

Here at Crystal Carpet Care we also offer Vinyl and Laminate floor cleaning services in Tacoma. We will give your floors their well-needed facelift. We have a variety of floor cleaning equipment and products, so before we start cleaning we will check your floors and see what specific products your floors will need. We use state of the art equipment designed to clean vinyl and laminate flooring, which gives us an edge on efficiency and quality over others.

Why Choose us:

  • We will arrive on time and in uniform
  • We will clean and polish your floors until it meets our high standards of clean
  • We offer the best result in Tacoma because of our 30 years of experience
  • We are IICRC Certified
  • We use state of the art equipment which gives us an edge in efficiency and quality over other cleaning companies in Tacoma

How To Keep Your Floor Clean

Having a regular care routine for your floors like sweeping and mopping and a professional cleaning service is a great way to protect your investment in your floors and to keep from costly repairs in the future and the inconvenience of the time it will take to repair your floors.

Call Crystal Carpet Care in Tacoma For a quote or fill out the online form at the bottom of the page and we will get your floors professionally cleaned. The most important thing you can do is to have a regular cleaning service for your laminate or vinyl floors to keep your floors protected on a regular basis. 

Our State Of The Art Equipment

Here at Crystal Carpet Care, we use a state of the art machine designed to clean floors with utmost proficiency. It is a commercial-grade cleaner that’s built for both commercial and residential floors. Because of its compact design, we can clean in tight spaces and difficult to reach spaces leaving no untouched spots. You won’t believe how dirty your floors are until we’ve gone through your house with this state of the art floor cleaner. This is what gives us an edge in the cleaning business in Tacoma

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Additional Tips For Laminate Flooring:

  • Make sure to always clean up a liquid spill immediately. Liquids can be devastating to laminate floors
  • Always use a damp mop for cleaning never mop your floors with a soaking wet one. 
  • Try to avoid products that “add shine” to your floors because the film can be very difficult to remove

Additional Tips For Vinyl Flooring

  • Whenever vacuuming never use a ‘beater bar’ attachment this can be very damaging to the vinyl 
  • Never use a highly abrasive scrubber or steel wool when cleaning the floor
  • And also be very careful when not to drench water on you vinyl with a mop it can seep into the cracks and cause damage

Our Cleaning Services In Tacoma


Tile & Grout

Hardwood Floors

Tile and Grout Cleaning Sumner, Federal Way

As one of the leading floor cleaning companies in the Tacoma area, Crystal Carpet Care’s carpet services results in a clean finish that enhances and restores your carpet floors.


Crystal Carpet Care uses the most state of the art equipment and products to safely and effectively clean and restore your tile and grout. The cleaning process pressure washes, rinses and extracts the soil and waxy residues in the grout lines and tile.


Crystal Carpet Care is equipped with commercial-grade cleaning products and specialized wood floor cleaning equipment, built for both commercial and residential floors


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