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Vinyl and laminate are becoming popular, especially among commercial floors because of their minimal maintenance and the fact that it can withstand the heavy traffic common with commercial businesses. However, despite that claim vinyl and laminate flooring still need regular maintenance, especially a deep cleaning to ensure the floors stay in good condition

In addition, we recommend adding sealants after a cleaning service. This can help keep that new clean look for your floors and prevent them from getting damaged in the future from liquid spills, or stains.

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Our cleaning technicians have over 10+ years of experience each, and we only use the safest and most superior equipment and products for our cleaning of vinyl and laminate floors. We have a strong attention to detail when it comes to our cleaning, and we will go out of our way to provide you with the best hard surface cleaning service in Puyallup. We are also IIRC certified, we have been trained in providing our services in the safest and most efficient way.

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Especially in the times during a pandemic, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the highest level of deep cleaning procedures to make the residential or commercial environment cleaner, safer, and healthier for everyone. According to the CDC and other health agencies, deep cleaning is the first vital step in reducing exposure

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Benefits Of A Regular Cleaning Service  

A proper regular cleaning service for your vinyl and laminate floors will help maintain their appearance and reduce the wear on them and also help reduce the chance of future damages. This can help save you from doing any major restoration to your floors in the future, saving you a lot of money.

At least doing a deep cleaning service or a refinishing at least once a year will help so much especially for a commercial business with constant traffic through their lobbies, entrances, and reception areas where the floors get worn out. A regular cleaning service will help with the condition of your floors and help extend their life span, and of course, give a good first impression to your costumers

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Sumner, Federal Way

As one of the leading floor cleaning companies in the Puyallup area, Crystal Carpet Care’s carpet services results in a clean finish that enhances and restores your carpet floors.


Crystal Carpet Care uses the most state of the art equipment and products to safely and effectively clean and restore your tile and grout. The cleaning process pressure washes, rinses and extracts the soil and waxy residues in the grout lines and tile.


Crystal Carpet Care is equipped with commercial-grade cleaning products and specialized wood floor cleaning equipment, built for both commercial and residential floors


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