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Over time hardwood floors start accumulating dirt, grime, tiny particles that can damage the surface of your floors. Another thing that can accumulate is allergens, just like carpet floors (which we talk about a bit in our carpet cleaning in Puyallup page), the only thing is that the allergens can get trapped in the spaces in between each plank which can make it very hard to remove. You might be thinking you can do this yourself, all I need to do is to sweep, mop and use certain home cleaning products that look like they have promising results. But there’s only so much sweeping and mopping can do, home cleaning products or equipment cannot match the effectiveness, that professional hardwood floor cleaning services can provide, especially when your floors need a deep cleaning.  

Our technicians use specialized equipment designed for cleaning the dirtiest surfaces on hardwood floors. We have perfected a cleaning process over the 28 years of us being in this business, something that no other cleaning companies can compete with. Our experience has given us the skill set in providing you with the best service in Puyallup because we know what we’re doing, and we know how to do it right.

Why You Need A Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

  • It removes dirt, grime, and tiny particle that could either wise cause damage to the floors

  • It eliminates bacteria and allergens on the floor, that could be causing health issues

  • Brings life back into your floors, especially they haven’t had a proper maintenance in many years

  • It drastically increases the lifespan of your hardwood floors

  • Adds a beautiful nice shine to your floors, making for a good first impression if your a business

  • Provides a protective barrier minimizing future damage to the hardwood floors from spills or stains.

Important Facts You Should Know About Hardwood Floors

Getting hardwood floors may seem like a major investment but in the end there beautiful, durable, and can last you quite a long time, if taken care of with the proper maintenance. One way to properly maintain your floors is with a scheduled professional cleaning service. But even after a professional cleaning service, there are still some things you can do yourself to help keep your floors in the best condition.

How to take care of your floors:

  • Make sure to wipe out water spills quickly, this can help reduce the chance of mold growth.   
  • Use rugs and doormats in entryways, it will help keep out any dirt or mud.
  • Block out rain or water during the rainy season, to reduce the chance of any water damage.
  • Say no to shoes indoors, dirty or wet shoes can also cause the floors to warp and shift over time because of mold.
  • Add Felt Pads Or Gliders To Your Furniture, to avoid any scratches to the floors.
  • Sweep and Mop Regularly, it helps get rid of any dirt or allergens.

Our Cleaning Services In Puyallup

Tile & Grout


Vinyl & Laminate

Tile and Grout Cleaning Sumner, Federal Way

Crystal Carpet Care uses the most state of the art equipment and products to safely and effectively clean and restore your tile and grout. The cleaning process pressure washes, rinses and extracts the soil and waxy residues in the grout lines and tile.


As one of the leading floor cleaning companies in the Puyallup area, Crystal Carpet Care’s carpet services results in a clean finish that enhances and restores your carpet floors.


Here at Crystal Carpet Care we also offer Vinyl and Laminate floor cleaning in Puyallup. We use state of the art equipment specialized to clean vinyl and laminate flooring, which gives us an edge on efficiency and quality over others.


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